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The Klingon Book of Mormon

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As we finished watching yet another fun-filled episode of Star Trek, we found ourselves with little to do besides our mounds of work that we should have been doing. As we discussed Beth's bizarre ability to speak the Klingon language, it suddenly hit us: Why not translate the Book of Mormon into Klingon? It was just quirky enough to be interesting. So Beth whipped out her two volumes of the Klingon Dictionary and James pulled out his scriptures and we set to work. Some may not approve of this project, but the Seventy to whom we spoke seemed to think it was a fun idea. Maybe someday, this crazy project will lead some Trekkie to read the Book of Mormon in their native Klingon language, but for now it remains an interesting scholarly exercise. We invite Mormon Trekkies from around the world to assist us in our monumental endeavor by translating their own favorite chapters and submitting them to us at

Selections from The Klingon Translation of the Book of Mormon:

1 Nephi 1

1 Nephi 4

Alma 17:24-39

Alma 44

3 Nephi 11

Ether 15

Translated by Elizabeth M. Moore

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